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The ""Bouncepad Static"" is available in Black and White colours. It is a non-adjustable enclosure that allows businesses to install iPads in public spaces. Made for retail, hospitality and exhibitions.

The Bouncepad Static iPad display stand encloses your tablet within the tough outer casing and allows you to display content on an iPad with the kind of theft protection you need in retail, exhibition and hospitality environments.

The Static is a great point of sale solution, to show additional product information, or to allow customers to engage social media platforms of your choice.

Continuous Power

The cable for the iPad is routed through the mounting arm and the surface, keeping the device continuously powered and with no exposed cabling on show.

Faceplate Options

Choose from our four standard faceplate options which give you different levels of access to the Home Button and the front facing camera of the iPad:

Closed home button with covered front camera

Open home button with covered front camera

Closed home button with exposed front camera

Open home button with exposed front camera


Your tablet is mounted inside the secure tablet enclosure with access to the tablet, for installation and maintenance, via a lock and key.

The casing is constructed from a tough plastic called PC/ABS which allows for WiFi transparency, but protects the tablet inside. The faceplate of the enclosure is made from stainless steel, with the toughest powdercoat finish you can get.

The tablet is supported on all sides by rubber and foam spacers, which position the tablet perfectly within the casing, and also protect it from damage.

Screen Orientation

You can install your Bouncepad to show the screen in either landscape or portrait

Mounting Options

There are two ways to mount the Bouncepad Static to your surface, either from below, if you have access, or from above using the supplied Surface Mount Kit.


Key locked iPad wall and desk mount

Secure USB cable routing and concealed buttons

Wifi radio transparent

Robust adjustable arm

Robust design with no visible screws

Easy installation

Optional surface or concealed mounting

Adjust between landscape and portrait format

Price (RRP)

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