Elevation Lab Draft Table for iPad Pro - Black

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* Engineered to be rock solid at all positions - so doesn't move when you draw on it.

* Extra wide angle adjustment range with easy spring-loaded adjustment.

* Great on its own with native apps and when tethered to a Mac (with AstroPad or Duet Display for a Cintiq-like experience).

* Folds thin for storage.

* Ships with an armrest to let you use DraftTable all day without fatigue & PencilStand which locks to your desk with our NanoPad underside so it can't tip.

* Designed for and by professional digital artists. And because of that, it works fantastic for everybody - photographers, app developers, writers, as a second monitor with your Mac, etc.

''DraftTable is a fantastic ergonomic stand for creatives using Astropad as their Cintiq alternative.'' - Matt Rounge, Co-founder AstroPad

''We're really impressed.'' - Matt Dobson, Procreate

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