Olloclip - Active Lens Set for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus: Black Lens/Black Clip

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The all-new Active Lens Set empowers your adventurous side with brand new premium multi-element Telephoto and Ultra-Wide lenses - designed to give the best of both worlds. The complete system, loaded with a 2x optical zoom and ''action camera'' field-of-view, makes it easy to shoot farther and wider than ever before possible with your iPhone's built-in camera.

* New improved optics! Premium multi-element coated glass optics deliver superior image quality

* Easy-to-use, patented system attaches and aligns instantly with no extra parts needed

* Selfie-ready to work seamlessly on both front and rear-facing cameras

* ConnectTM interchangeable lens system for creating the perfect set to match your adventure

* Hinged base keeps the lens flush with the camera for improved optical performance

* Screen protector friendly up to 0.5mm

* Wearable Pendant Stand keeps the lens accessible and opens to create a pocket-sized tripod

* Works with all camera apps and is even great for video, time-lapse, panoramas and 360 degree VR photos

* Included in box: Active Lens Set, iPhone 7 clip + pendant stand, iPhone 7 Plus clip + pendant stand, lens caps, microfiber cloth

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