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SmartHalo lives on your handlebar displaying all the information you need in a simple, safe and bike-friendly way.

Find Your Way Around

Get turn-by-turn navigation straight on your handlebar, through an intuitive halo of light. Let SmartHalo guide you towards the quickest and safest routes.

Find your bike

Had a long day and can't remember where you parked your bike? Our app will remind you its last known location.

Night Lighting Done Right

At night, it's good to see and be seen. As soon as the sun sets, SmartHalo's light turns on automatically. When your ride is finished, it shuts down on its own. Magic.

Keep Your Bike Safe From Thieves

SmartHalo's internal motion sensor makes sure that any persistent meddling with your sacred two-wheeler triggers a loud alarm.

Set Goals. Get Fit. Bike Hard.

Feel like surpassing yourself? You can set fitness goals in the app and SmartHalo will display your progress in real time, right on your handlebar.

Visual speedometer

Know your speed at a glance on your handlebar.

Fitness Tracking for Cyclists

SmartHalo seamlessly tracks your biking metrics as soon as you start pedaling - no need to press ''start'' or ''stop''. You don't even need to take your phone out of your pocket.

Call and SMS Notifications

Cyclists often miss important calls because of street noise and vibration. This is a thing of the past with SmartHalo's personal assistant.

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