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Lumo Run is a small and discreet sensor that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. It incorporates the personal attention of a running coach with the professional data of a running lab to help you achieve your best.

Real-time audio cues

Auditory coaching through your headphones gives you real-time feedback on your form for immediate improvement.

Running metrics

Get powerful, post-run insights on your running form through lab-grade biometrics in the Lumo Run App.

State-of-the-art sensor

The small but powerful sensor is waterproof, machine washable, and lasts up to at least one month on a?single charge.?

What we measure:


Cadence, also known as steps per minute, is how frequently your foot contacts the ground every minute.


Bounce, also known as vertical oscillation, is the up and down movement of your body while you run.

Ground Contact Time

Ground Contact Time is a measure of the amount of time your foot stays on the ground during each step.


Braking, also known as the change in horizontal velocity, is the decrease in speed your body experiences on each step.

Pelvic Rotation

Pelvic Rotation is how much your pelvis moves on three axes: tilt (forward / backwards), drop (up / down) and rotation (left / right).

Stride Length

Stride Length is the distance from initial contact of one foot to next initial contact of the same foot.

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