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Slim, stylish, lightweight and powerful; the MagicMountTM PowerBank provides 4000mAh of power in a remarkably portable, compact design that secures seamlessly to your device.


While battery-powered phone cases may seem practical, they provide unnecessary bulk and have proven to be inconvenient due to short battery lives. Plus, should you switch phones, you typically will need to buy another case. The MagicMountTM PowerBank addresses the impracticality of battery-powered cases by providing a solution that can easily be removed from a phone once your device reaches the desired charge level.

Get Two, LightningTM Quick Charges

The internal 4000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery can charge a dead iPhone 6/6s up to two times! Did we mention this PowerBank provides up to 2.1Amp output. At 2.1A, this powerbank battery will allow your iPhone to charge safely at its fastest possible rate. The MagicMount PowerBank comes partially charged right out of the package and has an LED indicator so you can quickly check out how much juice is left.


Inside the package that comes with your PowerBank are two MagicPlatesTM. These metal plates allow the powerbank battery (which contains the actual magnets) to magically mount to your device. Plus you get a Micro USB cable to recharge the PowerBank itself.

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