MacBook Air 13 SeeThru - Raspberry, Colbolt, or clear

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Your MacBook Air was made to be lightweight and incredibly thin, so we made our hard shell MacBook Air cases to match. Made of durable, shatter-proof polycarbonate, this sleek super thin case snaps onto your MacBook Air in two pieces. It?s precision-engineered for perfect fit so it holds secure and is also easily removable.

Bright colour choices, vent slots on the bottom and anti-tilt rubberised feet enhance your computing experience. Protect your MacBook Air without sacrificing the slim, lightweight look and feel!

Fits all MacBook Air models (even the new MacBook Air!).

Thin, light form-fitting hard shell protects without adding bulk

Only 1.2 mm thick, 40% thinner than our MacBook Pro cases!

Anti-tip rubberised feet (patent pending!) keep your notebook stable and secure

Allows your MacBook Air to open all the way

Fully vented for safe heat disbursement

Totally removable -- easy to put on and take off

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