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The Magic Bar? from Mobee Technology is the world's first inductive charger

for the Apple Wireless Keyboard & Magic Trackpad.

A Magical solution to recharge your input devices that takes only 1 minute to setup !


Inductive Charging Technology : Charging your Apple Wireless Keyboard & Magic Trackpad will be as simple as sliding your device in the Magic Bar?.

Compatibility : Work with Apple Wireless Keyboard (2xAA Battery Model) & Apple Magic Trackpad

A greener way to use your Apple Wireless Keyboard & Magic Trackpad? : Stop trashing batteries, Stop disassembling your devices to change your batteries. Let the Magic Bar? to manage everything and help protecting the environment.

A Cost Effective solution for Home, Travel & Office Use : The Magic Bar? is cost effective after one year of Home Usage & six months of office usage. As an IT Manager, this will become your favorite solution for all your iMacs & MacBooks in Offices, Universities etc ... You don't need to care about battery replacement.

USB Powered : Plug the base station to any USB port in order to allow the recharge, you don't even need an external power supply.

Recyclable : Made of Aluminium

How to install it ?

- Installation only takes 1 minute !

- Remove the 2 AA Batteries of your Apple Wireless Keyboard or Magic Trackpad

- Screw the Cylinder battery Pack into your input device.

- Place the Magic Bar on your desktop and plug it through any USB port.

- Slide you input device into the Magic Bar, it is charging !

What?s included in the pack?

- One Cylinder Battery Pack (2 AA Length)

- Magic Bar Base Station

- Micro-USB Cable

- User Manual

Price (RRP)

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