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Universal Extendable Tablet Mount Holder for Car Dashboard or Windscreen

Osomount Tablet Mount EX features an extendable arm allowing you to place your iPad or Android tablet as close or as far to you as required. The special suction cup can be attached to any flat surface such as the windscreen or the dashboard allowing even more flexibility when positioning your device.

Once attached, tighten all the joints to prevent any unwanted movement and place your tablet in the arms of the holder.

The top arm is adjustable to allow different size tablets to be mounted, with or without protective cases on.

We also include a small hard foam support piece which fits into the main arm to allow resting it on the dashboard for extra stability when driving.

Powerful Sticky Suction Cup

Our patented sticky suction cup works even on uneven or rough surfaces such as car windscreen or dashboard. If it becomes dirty, simply wash under running water to refresh the sticky material.

To apply the suction, attach the mount to your desired surface and pull down the suction lever.

Adjustable Arms

Press the button on the back of the head to release the top arm and place your tablet in the arms of the Tablet Mount EX. Adjust the top arm so it securely holds your device. You can also pull out the left bottom arm to the side, to provide extra support if you want to position your device horizontally.

Multiple Joints

The adjustable joints allow you to place your tablet anywhere on your dashboard. The mount will adjust to the shape of your dashboard and using the hard foam support, rest on your car dashboard to provide an incredibly versatile and sturdy mounting solution for your tablet.

3M Pad

To optimise the suction on your car dashboard, please use the 3M sticker supplied in the box.

Peel off the plastic film and attach the 3M pad to your dashboard. Allow the substance to settle for 10 minutes. You can now mount the holder onto the black side of the 3M pad and use as normal.

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