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Available in: Black, Red, Pink and Green

The Stump is a 3 in 1 iPad stand. So versatile, it can be used with other iPads (1 & 2) and iPhones.

Portable: This is a stand that is small, yet tough and sturdy.

Unique: It can hold your device in three different positions ? Ramp, Lean, and Upright.

Versatility: Works with iPads and iPhones?

Design: Minimalist approach to design and functionality.

To put your tablet in Ramp Position, simply just lay your device on top of

the Stump. Your device will appear to be floating on top of the table at

just the perfect angle. Lay it down horizontally and you have the perfect

?keyboard? position for typing, emailing, or web surfing. Place your device

in portrait mode and you can play a friendly game of ?Words with

Friends.? Adjust the angle by resting the bottom of the tablet closer or

farther from the Stump.

To use your device in Lean Position, use the TOP step of the Stump. This

holds the tablet in a slightly leaning position, perfect for watching a video

or reading a book.

Use the Upright Position by sliding your device into the BOTTOM step of

the Stump. This will hold the tablet in a position for gaming, surfing, and


Product Specification:

The Stump is 3.5 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall, lending itself to true portability. It is weighted for stability, but still at just 8.5 ounces offers the perfect size and shape for grab-and-go use.

The durable rubber-like design both gently cradles your device without abrasion, and ?grips? the table surface for a nonslip experience.

The Stump is made in the U.S.A.

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