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Simple and smart

Magnus Mini pushes the boundaries of physics and style with a magnetic stand you'll love. Its tough, rubberised surface and strong, magnetic grip makes this iPad mini stand both beautiful and ultra-portable.

Secure magnetic grip on iPad mini

Magnus mini contains 10 individual magnets that connect with those in your iPad mini.

The stand remains attached to your iPad mini for simple repositioning yet is easily removed when no longer needed.

Nearly invisible profile

Magnus mini continues the legacy of extreme minimalism. Viewed from the front, the iPad mini shows no visible support.

Viewed from the side, you see only the iPad's tilt and a flat plate on the desk. Sometimes engineering works in your favour. This is one of those times.

Rubberised material

Magnus mini is crafted from soft ABS plastic with a tough rubberised coating. The bottom side is outfitted with a rubber grip for surface traction.

The magnets are embedded just under the top surface. Invisible, they sit ready to interlock with your iPad mini.

Weighing in at just 19 grams (5/8 ounce), Magnus mini is one of the lightest and most portable stands ever made.

Perfectly practical

We like Magnus mini for small tasks around the house. If you like running Netflix on the sly next to your keyboard while working, it's perfect. Magnus mini makes an ideal (and easy-to-clean) recipe stand. It's also easy to carry from room-to-room, because its stays connected to the iPad.

In return for being so light, minimal, and bafflingly effective, it does not support cases (although protective films are ok).

Rogue operations

Lean on your iPad mini for typing? Not exactly recommended but totally possible is this tipped-over position. Maybe save your more vehemently executed replies for your laptop, though.

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