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More than *90% of us don't drink enough water, and most of us don't know what 'enough' is.

The Puck

Avoid dehydration, feel more alert and stave off weight gain by drinking more water. The Puck creates a personalised hydration goal and helps you reach it gently reminding you to drink throughout the day.

Your personal hydration coach

We designed the Puck to remind you to drink when you forget, by glowing in your bottle or sending a notification to your phone. Over time, your hydration habits change and you begin to drink more water.

Drop & Drink

* Fill up your bottle

* Drop the Puck into it

* Tell the App the size of your bottle

* Start drinking

Your Personal Hydration Coach

* The Puck tracks what you've drunk

* Monitors when you forgot to take a sip

* Glows to remind you to drink before you get dehydrated

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