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Zepp Tennis is a revolutionary training system (motion sensor + racquet mount + mobile app) that helps you capture and analyse your performance on the court. Just attach the sensor to the handle of any tennis racket and swing away to get instant feedback on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Now you can track your matches and practice sessions and get to know your game like never before.


POWER - Measure your racquet speed and spin on every shot to work on increasing your overall power

INTENSITY - Track your active time on the court and total shot count to determine the intensity of your practice session or match.

SWEET SPOT - Breakdown every shot and see exactly where on the racquet you are making contact with the ball.

CONSISTENCY - Analyse where the ball is making contact on the racquet to work on becoming a more consistent ball striker.

INSTANT ANALYSIS - Instantly evaluate where your game improved or what needs work after every match or practice session.

RACQUET SPEED - Identify the racquet speed on all your shots to see where you are able to generate the most power.


3D ANALYSIS - Instantly replay your serve in 360 degrees from any angle and compare your form to a pro, friend or your own coach.

SPIN - Measure the topspin on your service delivery and learn how to turn your spin serve into a secret weapon.

IMPACT TIME - Accurately measure your acceleration from racquet drop to impact. Faster time = more speed = more power.

RACQUET SPEED - Measure and increase your racquet speed at impact to add more pop to your serve.

BACKSWING TIME - Measure the time it takes from first movement to racquet drop to discover and perfect your service motion and timing.

BALL SPEED POTENTIAL - Get a prediction of your maximum possible serve speed based on racquet speed.


BATTERY LIFE - Up to 5.5 hours (Varies by use)

WIRELESS - Bluetooth 2.1

IN THE BOX - Zepp Sensor, Racquet Mount (Flex and Pro Mount), Charger

MULTI-SPORT - Zepp sensor is compatible with Zepp Baseball-Softball and Zepp Golf apps.


iOS: iOS 7.0+, iPhone 4S+, iPod Touch 5th Generation+, and iPad 2nd Generation+

Android: OS 4.1+

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