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The potential for sales growth through Amazon or any other online marketplace is enormous, but so is the jungle of listing requirements, reporting, marketing and promotional opportunities.

Softline can analyse and recommend where you list, how you list and when you list. The opportunities you seize and which you ignore. We can control out-of-stock inventory, list scheduling, A+ content, keywords, order categorisation, consolidation and much more. It is a constant and intense process as opportunities regularly change as do competitor activity and end-user appetite.

It’s a complex procedure that we make easy to manage, simple to use and ultimately effective and, our reward is most often attached to the sales, so your success is our success!

Softline Amazon management services can support both Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms.

If you are having trouble deciding which platform is the best way to sell your product, Softline has both the expertise and experience to help you make your decision and entirely manage your sales and marketing strategies.


When listing on Amazon you can choose to fulfil directly yourself or via your distributor, or let Amazon take the strain. FBA involves you sending a portion of your inventory to Amazon’s fulfilment centre where it is stored until purchased. Amazon then picks, packs and ships your item and handles the returns.

Of course this all comes at a cost – and we are here to help you evaluate the best and most profitable route for each of your products and then manage the processes for you to maintain optimum stock and keep fees to a minimum.


Amazon provide a number of services to help sell your product in each of the five Amazon European territories. There are three main services: European Fulfilment Network (EFN); Pan-European FBA (Pan-EU) and Multi-Country Inventory.

Each has different costs and charges associated with them. EFN provides a low barrier to entry but both Pan EU and MCI provide a quicker delivery service with lower fees that can help secure the ‘Buy Box’. However these options may have significant VAT (Value Added Tax) implications and require time and management to ensure multiple location inventory and listing parity.


VAT (Value Added Tax) can be a complex subject, particularly if the seller is registered outside the EU and selling online into Europe.

Softline simplifies this entire process for our non-EU resident customers by using a number of HMRC approved schemes to assist with any VAT liability across all European countries. We can advise on individual VAT thresholds, goods storage locations, bonded storage schemes and VAT returns.

Amazon offer many ways to assist with marketing your products – these options can be mind-boggling. Softline can help un-boggle your mind by using our experience with AMS in areas such as:

• A+ Content
• Keyword Selection
• Sponsored Products
• Headline Search Ads
• Creating your own Amazon Store

Each of these areas requires careful selection and constant management to ensure every aspect of your Amazon marketing campaign is working at its full potential and bringing in those all important sales.


A+ Content offers you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. You can add more images and creative copy to convince the customer to buy from you. Amazon suggest that well written and designed A+ Content can drive sales up as much as 10% – and Softline can create, place and manage this for you.

A+ content


Keywords, as the name suggests, are fundamental to your products being successfully located on every single online marketplace or e-Commerce site. They are harder to choose than you may imagine. Softline utilises third party research tools and looks at existing keywords, your competitors’ keywords, those used for similar products and creates points of differentiation to maintain a consistently high-ranking.

The effectiveness of keywords can change in an instant or new keywords may appear – our research and keyword adjustment is therefore a constant process.


Amazon offers the opportunity to create your very own multipage store which is particularly useful for enhancing brand-centric shopping. Shoppers are able to view a curated collection of your products with rich media content that helps to elevate their shopping experience.

Softline can create, design and manage your own Amazon store and report click, browse and sales data separately so that the store itself can be regularly changed and updated to maintain interest and maximise sales.



eBay has grown from its roots of being an auction site for second-user goods into a fully blown e-commerce marketplace with the growth of Fixed Price (or ‘Buy it Now’) listings.

We can help you calculate fees and research your competitors together with all on-line and retail markets in order to get the best mix of volume and margin.

Most importantly, Softline can help you negotiate the complex rules and regulations within eBay to ensure listings remain in place and sales volumes are kept high.


The quality and content of your listing will be crucial to your eBay success. Softline can help with category selection, listing upgrades, product details and high level visual content such as pictures and illustrations.

We can help select keywords, keyword phrases and meta tags that will help you achieve consistently high search results. We can also advise on the best payment and delivery options together with the optimum return policy to move you quickly up the seller rankings.


Softline’s eBay management can help you become an eBay Power Seller in the shortest time and continually maintain that status.

The criteria to get there is tough – high positive feedback, minimum sales volumes and good account management – but the advantages to increased sales volumes and brand visibility are substantial, particularly if you can achieve Top Rated Seller status.


Once you have achieved PowerSeller status we can help you go on to become a Top Rated Seller. This offers you higher visibility, better search results and fee discounts and you can choose to provide eBay Premium Service at an individual listing level.


eBay Premium Services means you offer higher standard fulfilment and delivery options on some or all of your listings such as minimum returns policies, 1 day despatch, express delivery options and a free delivery option.