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Softline and the markets we service relish the enticing mix of great brand, best products, creative marketing, great value and achievable roadmaps, together with continued innovation and the prospect of long term partnerships.

The care and attention a supplier pays to its brand, however small that brand might be, is extremely important to us and to the retailers we supply. Softline has many years’ experience of high level brand management and we also work with many long term expert partners to extend and manage your brand in our regions. We can also generate relevant sales opportunities and emulate your global sales and marketing strategies on a local level.

Softline can work closely with you to design and manage your entire marketing mix including pricing, PR, social, website, email, print, advertising & promotions and events. We can also closely manage forecasts, budgets and offer accurate ROI numbers for every element of each campaign.

Softline and our PR experts can work with you to create a Communications Strategy that matches your sales ambitions and budget. We can also work with an agency or your own in-house team to make the PR magic happen.

Once the strategy is in play we are able to manage every aspect, adjust as necessary and report back on success rates, costs and any ROI we can specifically attach to each action.

We can also be highly reactive to situations outside of our planning and control such as technology advancement, relevant news, competitor activity or political, economic and social factors.


Social media marketing has become a vital part of every brand and marketing strategy – it is a powerful way to speak directly to and interact with your prospective audience.

Softline has long-term partnerships with a whole range of experts who can help plan your Social campaign and decide upon which services to target. We can agree our social goals and then create and manage, keywords, hashtags, messaging styles and frequency, video and images. We can then run the campaign and report back in detail so that adjustments may be made and the return on investment calculated.

We can study social specifics and introduce campaign elements into current, relevant feeds to enhance existing output and move towards new market areas.

We can help you work within the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and positively utilise the vital customer and prospective customer data you already hold.

We can create enticing ‘opt-in’ campaigns and follow these up with promotional opportunities that turn prospects into customers.

Our knowledge of GDPR extends much further than simply email campaigns, so we are can advise on every aspect of customer contact and ensure you stay within the regulations.


Softline have the in-house skills to design, write and create a full e-Commerce web site for you. We can also manage the site and undertake Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure you are always top of the returned searches.

The more content we create, the more the demand for careful management of it. Softline uses its own database solutions to keep track of everything, including press clippings, so that every piece of content is available for immediate use and reuse when required.


Softline is very used to representing our vendors at meetings as well as staffing events with competent and compelling individuals to promote, show and sell our customer’s products and services.

We can set up every aspect of an event including space and position negotiation, stand design, services and data collection as well as running secure payment collection systems.

softline presents exhibition 2012

The success of all well-planned marketing campaigns is most often based upon using the detailed analysis of every element to continually fine tune or radically change the campaign to ensure continued success.

Softline uses a combination of our own analytic tools, third-party tools and desk research to build an elemental performance profile. We do this regularly so that we continually develop the campaign and combat any actions of competitor activity.

It is always in our best interest to ensure all aspects of any campaign are working to their optimum at all times.

softline presents exhibition 2012